Being a Better Junior Developer


As I get closer to my two year coding anniversary, I realize again that I have so much to learn. Yet with the knowledge I have acquired, I hope to help those who will be or have recently started as a junior developer. Here are some tips on how to be a better junior developer.

Take Responsibility for Your Learning

Some companies have mentorship and learning incorporated into the junior developer role. If you aren’t so lucky, creating a study plan and making time to study will be necessary for your growth. I use Udemy and YouTube to learn new concepts.

Ask Fewer Questions

Questions are good and should be asked. Your lead developer is there to help but you want to show that you are learning and growing. Ask many questions early and overtime ask fewer questions. Use the skills that you have learned from your lead to find the answer.

Understand the Codebase

If folders are created a certain way for projects and files are named a certain way, you should be following the guidelines of the codebase already created around you. While there will be times you will be creating new JavaScript and CSS files, it’s important to make sure their creation is necessary.

Write Better Variable Names

I am guilty of writing really bad variable names and now make a conscious effort to think of better names. Doing this will make it easier for your fellow developers to follow your code. Better variable names can many times replace comments because those variable names make it very clear what the code should be doing.

Create Side projects

Your work projects are only a small part of your learning. Your growth as a developer can be expedited with side projects. There are plenty of To-do Apps so try working on a project that meets a need you have. I found this Github that has an awesome list of projects to work on.

Hopefully, those tips are helpful on your journey as a junior developer.